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Here are 4 Summer Garage Door Tips

Feb 17

It's almost summer in NC. Beautiful beaches, barbecues, and outdoor gatherings all around the corner are just a few of the many benefits. It's easy to see why there are so many reasons to get outside this summer. You might have trouble getting your car out of the garage if your garage door isn't working. You might also feel concerned about the safety and security of your garage door.

Garage door opener belt replacement maintenance is essential throughout the year, even in summer. Here are some tips to keep your garage door in top shape this summer.

1. Garage Doors: Check!

By inspecting your garage door regularly and being attentive to unusual sounds or sights, you can prevent any problems from occurring. This will help you find the problem sooner and prolong the life of your garage doors. You should inspect your garage door for any damage or wear. Make sure that cables and springs are in good condition. If you find any parts in danger, contact a garage technician.

2. Lubricate all parts

Humidity can damage the lubricant for your garage door components. To protect your garage door and reduce noise, it is important that you reapply the lubricant during the summer. You can lubricate your garage doors without the help of a WeFixIt technician. Use a garage door oil lubricant. Oil is more prone to dirt and grime.

3. It can be washed down

Your garage door will need to be cleaned this summer when it isn't raining. You should instead get out your bucket and hose along with a cloth to clean your garage doors. Garage doors can become damaged if they are clogged with dirt, grime, and dust. Your garage door will last for many years if it is cleaned with mild soapy water and a pressure washer.

4. Evaluate Safety Functions

Summer is a great season for kids and pets to enjoy the outdoors. Make sure to inspect the safety features of your garage door and make sure they work properly. To check the auto-reverse function, place an object under your garage door. Your garage door will stop and then reverse automatically. If the garage door doesn't detect the object, you should contact a technician immediately.

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