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Feb 10

The Hottest Kitchen Trends You Can't Avoid

Your home renovation doesn't have a price tag. A new color in your kitchen can increase the home's worth by several thousand dollars.

Redesign your kitchen color scheme to give your home a modern and fun look. To give your kitchen an elegant, subtle look, make sure to take advantage of the latest texture trends.

Here are the 2022 top kitchen color trends. Which one will YOU choose?

How to Make Your Home Look Better with the Hottest Kitchen Color Trends

You can make your kitchen look amazing with small details, such as color pops of rustic textures. Take a look at the top kitchen design trends of this year and bring your interior decor to life without having to blow your budget.

1. Cute Coral Rules 2022

Coral is Pantone’s color for the year 2022, and it's clear why. You can use the fun tone with neutrals or earthy and bright green to enhance any decor.

Bright orange-based colors are great as accents for simple accessories like chair cushions. Or as a bold statement on your walls or cabinets.

To give your room a Southwestern-inspired feel, you could add greenery or brightly colored accents to your design.

2. Striking Stripes Refresh White Kitchens

While an all-white kitchen is not going out of style, it can sometimes feel a little boring.

Add some stripes to spice it all! Stripes can be used to make a focal point in a sea white decor.

3. Remodel Your Cupboard Doors

Repainting your cabinets is an affordable and stylish way to update your kitchen. Cabinet Refinishing Richmond VA costs less than replacing your entire kitchen.

You can either stick to the classic block colors of black, white, and navy, or you can mix up light and darker shades to add visual interest. You can add depth and height to your kitchen by using darker shades for lower cabinets and lighter for upper cupboards.

Cabinet-rescue projects can be completed by changing the handles on their cupboards. Decorative handles add feminine flair to your kitchen. Round or easy-open handles can be subtle ways to complete the look.

4. Sleek Lighting adds Practical Style

The kitchen light is an easy way to transform your space.

Sub-cupboard lighting can transform your kitchen in a subtle and easy way. Strip LED lights to add practicality and are easy to put in.

To make the space feel cozier, consider subtle corner lighting. Your kitchen's appearance and feel can be transformed by adding a dramatic ceiling pendant, string lights in jars, or a stunning floor light.

5. Mixed Wood Tones Equal Pure Rustic Charm

Country-style kitchens can be adorned with simple wood tones or farmhouse rustic.

Mixing wood tones can be done by using light woods for cabinets doors and dark mahogany as flooring. Dark wood is warm and inviting, creating a comfortable and homey atmosphere. Lighter colors create accents that lift the look and give it the illusion of space.

6. Timeless neutrals remain a popular choice

The clue is in the word "timeless", which means neutrals never go out of fashion. These neutrals can be updated to 2022 by using a mix of earthy colors with pops or accents bright like yellow or teal.

A neutral kitchen is a perfect canvas for accessories lovers. Use fun, bright accessories on the counter and scatter kitchen chairs with geometric patterns for a striking focal point.

7. Seamless Storage - Sci-Fi at Your Fingertips

You can remodel your kitchen with sleek cabinets that include integrated appliances.

Hidden appliances in seamless, touchable cupboards give off a sci-fi futuristic look that is easy to maintain. Even tiny kitchens can be transformed with smart storage hidden behind boring-looking cupboards or walls.

8. Monochrome with Mix Textures

Monochrome is an option for those who like classic neutrals, but still want something new. You can mix monochrome with black white and gray, or with different textures.

A glossy splashback will make it stand out against a matte gray cabinet door; shiny gray handles can be used with matte gray doors.

Monochrome patterns, such as retro prints or geometric designs, can bring out more joy and create visual interest.


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