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Jan 10

Answering Your FAQs About Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Kitchen cabinets Richmond VA can look worn and damaged over time. You may be wondering how you can make them look more appealing without spending a fortune. You can make your kitchen cabinets look new again by resurfacing them. And once you have done that, it is easy to maintain them for years. You may be surprised to hear that kitchen cabinet can last half a century if cared for properly over time, according to

These are the most common questions regarding Richmond Ace Cabinet Refinishing and what you can expect from it.

What is Kitchen Cabinet Resurfacing?

This involves removing drawer fronts and cabinet doors. These components are then sanded and repainted or refinished with a new stain. The doors and fronts of the cabinets are being refinished. However, parts that remain in place are also upgraded. Any dents or dings are repaired and the old paint or finish removed. The new paint is then applied. Everything will match and look brand new after the cabinet doors have been reinstalled.

How do I choose a vendor to resurface my cabinets?

Ask questions about the contractor you choose to resurface your cabinets. Laminate finishes are often used by vendors who want to save time and cut costs. Laminate can look very similar to wood but it is more susceptible to shrinking and peeling from moisture exposure. Bubbles can form under the laminate's surface from steam and condensation.

What is the time frame?

Richmond Ace Cabinet Refinishing is cheaper and more efficient than installing new cabinets. If the contractor has all the materials and plans well, the entire process can be completed on a weekend.

Better Than New Kitchens can give you a clear idea of the time it will take to resurface your kitchen cabinets, as well as what options are available for making them look new and how much they will cost.


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